OPTON EDFA 16×4 PORT HA512300-04 16×4

38,000.00 40,000.00

•  EDFA 16 X 4 Output : 16 dBm × 4
• EDFA 16 X 4 Output Input : +10 dBm TO -10 dBm
• 1540~1563nm operating bandwidth
• hot-swappable two Power Supplies
• Light weight
• Very low power consumption ( One power supply 12v – even work with solar power)
• SNMP network management function (Remote checking )
• Inbuild cooling technology (Fan less technology )
• 1U and 3D exterior, offering status appearance and diagnosing fault with LCD, standard RS232 communication interface, SNMP network management function
• Low noise, high output, high reliability

Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is an optical repeater device that is used to boost the intensity of optical signals being carried through a fiber optic communications system.A relatively high-powered beam of light is mixed with the input signal using a wavelength selective coupler (WSC). The input signal and the excitation light must be at significantly different wavelengths. The mixed light is guided into a section of fiber with erbium ions included in the core. This high-powered light beam excites the erbium ions to their higher-energy state. When the photons belonging to the signal at a different wavelength from the pump light meet the excited erbium atoms, the erbium atoms give up some of their energy to the signal and return to their lower-energy state. A significant point is that the erbium gives up its energy in the form of additional photons which are exactly in the same phase and direction as the signal being amplified. So the signal is amplified along its direction of travel only. This is not unusual – when an atom “lases” it always gives up its energy in the same direction and phase as the incoming light. Thus all of the additional signal power is guided in the same fiber mode as the incoming signal. There is usually an isolator placed at the output to prevent reflections returning from the attached fiber. Such reflections disrupt amplifier operation and in the extreme case can cause the amplifier to become a laser. The erbium doped amplifier is a high gain amplifier.

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